Engineering Design
Architecture industry:

Architectural engineering

Municial industy:

Water supply engineering ,Drainge engineering, Rod works ,Environmental health engineering,Bridge engineering

Textile industry:

Food fermentation & tobacco engineering,sugar industry,Pulp and paper engineering

Building material industry:

Cement works

Chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry:

Pharmaceutical preparation engineering

Power industry:

Power transformation engineering,Power transmission engineering

Highway industry:

Highway engineering

Water conservancy industry:

Channel improvement specialty,Water diversion & supply specialty

Special design:

Design of architectural decoration engineering,Design of building intelligent system,Design of building curtain wall engineer! ng,Design of light steel structure work,Environment engineering design,Landscape architecture engineering design,Design of fire protection equipment engineering,Lighting design

Office building of Yunnan provincial Party committee
Yunnan Haigeng Convention Center

The Relocation and Technical Transformation Project of Qujing Cigarette Factory

The 5000T/D Cement Production Line Project in Than Taw Myat, Myanmar

Municipal Infrastructure Construction Project in Longhu New District, Malong County

Memorial Hall of Overseas Chinese Mechanics in Southeast Asia Returning for Resistance against Japan (The First Prize of 2017 National Excellent Engineering Survey & Design Award)

KunmingAnti-Japanese War Victory Hall

Kunming Worker's CuIturaI Palace